Top 10 Sites To Watch Anime Online in 2023

Around the globe, anime is gaining more and more fans. However, the majority of the episodes can only be found online. A high-quality anime website that can offer you a variety of collections is therefore crucial if you want to view the most recent updates you’re looking for. To improve the anime-watching experience for the general public, numerous businesses and groups have developed sites to watch anime online.

It’s crucial to pick a top-notch anime streaming site if you want to view the most recent anime films for free. These anime streaming websites stand out when compared to the rest. The top 10 sites to watch anime online are listed below for your convenience.

Top 10 Sites to Watch Anime Online

Here are the top 10 sites to watch anime online with your family and friends:

1. Gogoanime

Free animation movies can be watched on the website Gogoanime. The use of it is gratis. This anime platform’s straightforward design and selection of anime movies make it the most appealing. Since it is against the law to display specific anime programs for free on their websites, they need to often change and modify their URLs.

You can view a current series with ease using this free anime website. Without a subscription, you can download your best episodes. It provides a variety of genres, including horror, drama, action, and kids.

2. AnimeDao

One of the most popular sites to watch anime online is Animedao. The website is well-known among different cartoon fans. The website allows you to stream any anime program of your choosing. This platform is special in that it lets you watch any anime in either low-definition (240p) or high-definition (1080p) quality.

You can easily obtain any of the most recent anime thanks to the platform. Once a new anime series debuts, it is frequently revised. With its fantastic user interface, Animedao makes it incredibly simple for you to look for any anime of your choice.

3. AnimePlanet

Anime-Planet is a platform that enables you to watch anime online for free. A whopping number of 40000 animated episodes are available on this service. This website has a list of the best anime shows. All episodes are easily searchable. Additionally, it shows the anime’s meta descriptions.

You can easily watch content from the website thanks to its excellent user interface. It categorizes its anime episodes according to genres, popular, and newest releases.

4. 9Anime

You should choose 9Anime if you are looking for top sites to watch anime online. You can watch a free, recently released anime series with English subtitles in 9Anime. It provides a wide range of categories, including comedy, action, and drama. The majority of its streamed material is high-quality (1080p).

The greatest aspect of 9Anime is that you do not need to register to use its services. Your videos can be filtered by genre, quality, season, language, and year. It shows the forthcoming anime series schedule.

5. Contv

You can view animation videos on the platform known as Contv. It is a free station streaming anime, movies, and even comedy. Your favorite anime is always accessible to watch and you can add videos to your watch list. It is one of the best websites to view anime because it offers both contemporary and vintage animation. It has a distinct kid’s collection. The web, Android mobile platforms, and iOS all support this program.

6. Crunchyroll

Another one of the top sites to watch anime online, the website Crunchyroll lets you explore its platform for free to watch the animation. But it also offers its subscribers a paid option. Sony Pictures Entertainment and Aniplex from Japan collaborated on this cartoon website.

Over two million people are paid members of Crunchyroll and it has a sizable anime library. Fans can have access to a shop that sells intriguing anime merchandise. You can also access free Asian Media and Japanese manga through it. On this website, you can view popular anime like Yuri, Naruto, etc.

7. SoulAnime

Animations can be viewed for free on the website Soul Anime. You can download your preferred anime using it as well. There are more than 50000 episodes and over 3000 anime shows. You can easily look for interesting anime and it offers daily updates on new episodes.

Both English and subbed versions are available. One of the best places to watch famous anime films, Soul Anime includes black clover, dragon ball heroes, new fairy tale series, and more. You can quickly narrow down your options for anime based on theme or alphabet.

8. Funimation

Popular anime that has been translated and subbed can be found on Funimation. Sony is the owner of it. One of the best sites to watch anime online that lets you watch newly added shows is this one.

It is one of the best places to view anime because it offers a variety of genres, such as horror, drama, and action. Numerous series of anime are available on this website. Both the music and the subtitles are in English. This website’s material is of the highest resolution. Two screens are offered with the premium edition. After a few hours of broadcast, this website broadcasts the most recent programs.

9. AnimeLab

One of the most well-known sites to watch anime online is AnimeLab. It’s special for viewing anime and movies. Showtimes, airdates, and other information are easily accessible. On this website, you can look for genres like comedy, action, fantasy, and more.

The website is well-known for its quick streaming capability. A wide variety of collections are available in AnimeLab. You can easily watch the most recent blockbusters and anime.

10. KissAnime

KissAnime is an anime website where you can view anime for free in high definition. Using the genre, status, and name filters on this website, you can look for your favorite anime video. The website features a sizable library of anime films and television shows from both Korea and Japan. Every day, more than 4000 anime episodes are released. It offers you high-quality anime programs with English subtitles in UHD, 4K, and HD.


These were the top sites to watch anime online. Share with us about your favorite anime site. If you like our content, comment down below. We will keep posting more such content.

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