Peacock Free Trial in 2023 | How to Get it?

Are you sick of wasting time on your streaming platform skimming through the same old episodes and movies? Do you feel like trying something new and exciting? Check out Peacock TV! Peacock TV has something for everyone because of its extensive content library, including classic films, popular TV episodes, and exclusive original programs. And what’s the best part? With their free trial offer, you can try it for absolutely free. In this article, we’ll talk about the Peacock free trial and much more. So, let’s get started!

Does Peacock TV Offer a Free Trial In 2023?

The 7-day free trial services stopped in 2021, but you’re lucky because Peacock has just begun offering them again. Thanks to the affordable Peacock Premium packages, you can watch your favorite shows without spending a lot from your wallet.

What is the duration of the Peacock free trial?

All premium plans are now available for a 7-day free trial to New subscribers. Peacock also offers three subscription packages in addition to this free trial. A basic plan is also available if you want to watch classic TV shows and films.

You also have Peacock Premium ($4.99/month) and Peacock Premium Plus Plan ($9.99/month) in addition to the basic plan. With Peacock Premium, you can watch the latest movies, live sports, the Premier League, and brand-new uploads.

But you could find the hourly commercials annoying. Instead, we recommend you upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus if you want to enjoy watching your favorite movies and shows without being interrupted by ads.

How To Sign Up for Peacock Premium Free Trial?

Here’s information on how to start a free trial of Peacock premium.

  1. Go to the Peacock Premium official website.
  2. On the website, in the top right corner, click on Sign In.
  3. Choose a Free Plan. Now fill in the details the website needs, then click Create Account.
  4. There you go; you can now start watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

Differences between Peacock Premium and Premium Plus

Both Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus Free Trial let you stream live TV shows, movies, web series, and sports events. The ads are the only difference between the two plans. Even if you purchase the Peacock Premium plan to access all the features, the plan still shows ads, which might be inconvenient.

For this reason, you must pay an additional $5 a month for the Premium Plus plan, which is ad-free and enables you to download your shows and movies to view them later.

Is there any deduction of a small fee for a Peacock free trial subscription?

No, Peacock does not charge any fees before the end of the free trial. On the other hand, after the seventh day, a monthly charge will be deducted from the credit card or other payment method you have connected to your Peacock account. Therefore, be careful to cancel the free trial before the seven-day mark to avoid being charged.

Features of Peacock Premium

Here are a few of Peacock Premium’s unique features.

  • Countless hours of movies and TV shows
  • Live news and sports highlights
  • The Premier League
  • Access to NBC and Bravo Hits the day after
  • Kids’ programs and movies
  • Spanish-language Telemundo programming
  • Live events, such as WWE
  • Parental control, which can be managed by a PIN

Pricing, plans, and discounts for Peacock Premium

Peacock provides the following three plans:

  1. Peacock Free 
  2. Peacock Premium Plan- $4.99 per month 
  3. Peacock Premium Plus Plan- $9.99 per month

The Peacock Premium, on the other hand, gives users access to all of Peacock’s entertainment content. Viewers have access to 60,000 hours of television and film content. They can also watch Peacock’s original programming. Also, users have access to live sports, news, and the Premier League. But there will be a five-minute commercial break every hour.

To watch movies without commercials, you must pay an additional $5 per month for a Peacock Premium Plus subscription. Also, you can download movies with the Premium Plus package and enjoy them later on your phone while offline.

Is It Worth Upgrading To Peacock TV Premium Free Trial?

Yes, it is worth upgrading to Peacock Premium. That’s because you can watch Peacock’s original TV shows, movies, live sports, and other shows with Peacock Premium. And, as Peacock Premium costs $4.99 per month, upgrading to Peacock TV Premium is a wise investment. It is also one of the most affordable OTT services. So, we believe that it is worthwhile to have this membership.

What Happens After My Peacock Trial Expires?

After your free trial expires, you will be charged according to your subscribed plan. And your Peacock membership will get activated. However, if you cancel your subscription or your subscription expires, your free trial will end, and you won’t be charged any further. 

Can You Cancel Peacock Premium During the Free Trial?

Sure, you can cancel your Peacock Premium free trial. However, you won’t be charged if you cancel the Premium Pwon’turing the free trial. Once you go into your Peacock account, you can switch from the premium to the free plan.

How to Cancel Peacock Premium Free Trial Subscription?

If you decide not to sign up for the premium subscription, here’s how to cancel your free trial before it ends.

  1. To access your Account, go to the Peacock website and log in.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Go over the Pricing Plans and select Peacock Free. Press “Change Plan.”
  4. Once you click Switch to Free, you are ready to go.
  5. Peacock also inquires as to why you changed to the free plan, but you don’t need to respond. You can simply start streaming by clicking Watch Peacock.
  6. You can discontinue using the services of your premium plan in this manner. Yet, with a free plan, you may still view programs and films without charge.


1. Is Peacock free?

Yes, Peacock is free. The free plan of Peacock will let you want only a few specific Peacock TV shows and movies. It will not give you access to exclusive TV shows and movies.

2. Is it possible to avail the benefits of Peacock Premium Plus during the free trial period?

Yes, you can get the benefits of the Peacock Premium Plus. However, to do so, you must select the Premium Plus plan while proceeding with the free trial. Only then can you get the benefits of the Peacock Premium Plus free trial? With Premium Plus, you have access to various shows and movies and can stream Peacock Ad-free.

3. How can I receive a three-month Peacock free trial?

Unfortunately, the free trial that was offered for three months is no longer available.


Peacock TV is a great website to stream live TV shows, movies, sports, and news. And, thanks to the Peacock free trial offer, you can use the Peacock premium services for a full 7 days without paying. But a free basic plan is also available if you only want to watch the original Peacock TV episodes and web series. While Peacock offers 3 subscription plans, we suggest you choose Peacock Premium + for an ad-free experience. And with that, we come to the end of our articlePeacock’scock free trial. We hope you liked this blog!

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