#1 ON iTUNES?!?

Guys, on April 1st, we’re trying something no one’s ever done before, and WE NEED YOUR HELP:
We’re trying to get Stripped to be the #1 film on all of iTunes…for just one day.

It’ll be hard, but it’s not impossible. Heck, without even trying, the film temporarily went to #6 the day our pre-orders went live. And with a collective push, #1 might be possible!  So we’re trying to get everyone to buy the film ON THAT ONE DAY: Tuesday, April 1st.

Please spread the word to comics-lovin’ friends: And maybe pick up a copy for yourself!  It’s 77 of the world’s best cartoonists in one documentary — including the first-ever recorded interview with Bill Watterson.  And so far, early feedback has been AMAZING.  So tell friends to get it here on April 1st!

- Dave & Fred (the Directors)

Q: Why are you trying for #1?
A: Because getting to the #1 slot will help all sorts of folks discover the film — who never would’ve heard of it, otherwise. They’ll check it out BECAUSE it’s #1, out of curiosity. Plus, getting to #1 for one day helps all sorts of journalists, film critics, film venues, and festivals hear about the film.

Also, let’s be honest: It’s just fun to see if two dudes with no budget, no studio, no distributor, and no press agent, can beat out Warner Bros and Paramount for one day.

Q: Why iTunes?
A: Mostly because — of all the platforms you could choose to do this on — iTunes will get the biggest splash in the press, if we make it to #1.

Q: What if I don’t like iTunes, or can’t use iTunes?
A: No problem! The film will be available on Google Play, on VHX (DRM-free), and on DVD (DRM-free)…all on April 2nd! But maybe you can still help us out on April 1st, and spread the word to friends who use iTunes?

Q: I live in Canada/Europe/Asia/etc, and it’s not showing up in iTunes! What gives?
A: Not to worry: The film will be available internationally on VHX (DRM-free downloads and streaming), and on DVD (DRM-free) on April 2nd.
But for April 1st, we’re just trying for the #1 spot only in the U.S. market. As we discovered, iTunes isn’t a monolithic, global store. It’s broken up by individual countries, most of which have different cinema rules and content standards. So we’re just shooting for #1 in the U.S. iTunes store.

So if you live outside the U.S., tell your U.S. friends and followers to grab the film here on April 1st!

Q: Will it be a failure if you don’t make #1?
A: The good news is: We’re hopin’ we can at least make “#1 Documentary”, or maybe “#1 Indie Film”, even if we don’t make #1 overall film. And those are super cool, too!

Q: If I rent the film on iTunes, does that help get you to #1 — or do I have to buy the film?
A: We’re not 100% sure, but we *think* rentals count, yes. Also, we get that not everybody has the cash to buy it, at the moment! Oh man we’ve been there: We’re artists.

Q: Are there any good third-party reviews of the film?
A: Esquire has a really nice review up! And there are a lot of good reviews of it on iTunes from folks who’ve seen advance screenings.